To my Papa. The Best Ever.

I never thought I would lose my Nana so soon and have to live life without her, much less lose her and my Papa not even 2 years apart from each other.

There are no words that could fix this loss or make it any easier, but I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the beautiful life my Papa lived, and the impact he made on my life. This is for you Papa.

My sweet Papa was the very best around and was everything I could’ve ever asked for. He was more than my Papa, he was my absolute best friend, my person, and my other half. I still cannot believe that I have to let him go, but I find so much comfort knowing that he is reunited with my sweet Nana in Heaven.

My Papa taught me so much about life, family, and how to care for and love others so well. He had a big heart for others, especially his family and work family. God gave him the gift to care for and be loyal to everyone he met, even if it was by giving you sarcastic comments, he truly impacted everyone in someway. My Papa was a big joker and would throw out any sarcastic joke anytime he could. He used to tell everyone that if he didn’t pick on you to be worried, because if he picked on you he loved you.

One of my favorite things about my Papa is how much he loved his family, and how he would do anything to bring us joy. He would seriously drop anything for anyone of his kids, grandkids, or anyone in his family.

If we wanted to stay the night at his house, if we wanted to go shopping (he didn’t really like this one, but would still drive us and sit in the car while we shopped), if we wanted to go get a drink, he would drop everything to go with us. He served his family like no other, and truly loved each and everyone of us, which we are super grateful for and will cherish forever.

I will forever and always cherish and hold onto the special moments we shared together; my Papa was my best friend and always knew how to make me smile, even on my bad days. From being my taxi driver and driving me wherever I needed to go-anytime of day and didn’t even mind having my friends tag along, to watching OU football games (his favorite team ever), to constant dinner and lunch dates to our favorite restaurants, to always supporting me at football games, dance competitions, being so supportive of my faith and much more, he was truly the absolute best. I will miss all of these special moments we shared together and miss making memories with him, but I know that he is with me every single day, looking down on me.

My Papa never missed an opportunity to be at anyone of his grandkids games, special events at school, or even just drive us to go get a sno-cone or coke.

My papa made such a big impact on my life and others around the community, even though he really didn’t realize it. One thing that I pray to carry on as a legacy of him is his caring and loyal heart. My papa had a huge heart for giving, caring, and loving others, and he did it so well.

I can not believe that I have to go through my senior year without both of my best friends, but I know you both are cheering me on from Heaven, and will be there every step of the way.

You will forever and always be my #1, Papa. Thank you for being the best. I will miss you and all the laughs and smiles we shared together so so much, but I find peace knowing I will see you again one day.

I love you more than anyone will ever understand. You and Nana are the best guardian angels I could ever ask for, and I pray every day that I make you both so proud.

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